Time Capsule - If Your Time Capsule Status Light Flashes Amber

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If Your Time Capsule Status Light Flashes Amber

The Ethernet cable may not be connected properly, your Time Capsule may be out of

range of an AirPort network, or there may be a problem with your Internet service

provider. If you’re connected to the Internet with a DSL or cable modem, the modem

may have lost its connection to the network or the Internet. Even if the modem seems

to be working properly, try disconnecting it from its power supply, waiting a few

seconds, and then reconnecting it. Make sure your Time Capsule is connected directly

to the modem via Ethernet before reconnecting power to the modem.

For more information about why the light is flashing, open AirPort Utility, select your

Time Capsule, and then choose Manual Setup from the Base Station menu. Click Base

Station Status to display information about the flashing light.

You can also select “Monitor base station for problems” in AirPort preferences. If the

base station has a problem, AirPort Utility opens and walks you through solving the