Time Capsule - Plugging In Your Time Capsule

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Plugging In Your Time Capsule

Before you plug in your Time Capsule, first connect the appropriate cables to the ports

you want to use:


Connect the Ethernet cable that’s connected to your DSL or cable modem (if you will

connect to the Internet) to the Ethernet WAN (<

) port.


Connect a USB cable connected from the USB (d

) port on your Time Capsule to

a compatible USB printer (if you will print to a USB printer), a hard disk, or a hub.


Connect an Ethernet cable from any Ethernet device to the Ethernet LAN (G

) ports.

After you’ve connected the cables for all the devices you plan to use, connect the

power cord to the power port and plug your Time Capsule into a power outlet. There

is no power switch.


Use only the power cord that came with your Time Capsule.

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Chapter 1

Getting Started


When you plug your Time Capsule into a power outlet, the status light flashes green

for one second and then glows amber while your Time Capsule starts up. After your

Time Capsule has started up completely, the status light flashes amber until your Time

Capsule has been updated with the correct settings. The status light glows solid green

after your Time Capsule is properly set up and connected to the Internet or a network.

When you connect Ethernet cables to the Ethernet ports, the lights above them glow

solid green.